Soft Launch on 09.09.16 | Hom hostel & cooking club

Soft Launch on 09.09.16

our Hom’s table

we had soft launch on 09.09.16 which is lucky number for Thai, number 9. Almost 30 guests came for Hom’s table (some might call chef’s table, but our chefs does not want it to be too formal). Dang, leader of Nang Lerng community, and Tob, our Hom team, were cooking many Thai traditional dishes for our guests. That night we could raise more than 10ooo baht for Nang Lerng community

The Menu

Hom hostel & Cooking club is working with Nang Lerng community, so for our opening day we wanted to promote food from Nang lerng community as well. That day we had brought Fish sausage or “Saikrok planam” from the market to let our guests try.


Saikrok Planam is the original Thai appetizers that hardly find from street vendors. The one in Nang lerng market is very popular. They have 2 kind foods, thai saikrok and planam that eat together. Saikrok Planam used many ingredients and cooking process not easy so that is why they don’t popular to sell. Their recipe used some special orange that call “somza”. The young somza is sour taste similar kaffer lime mix lime but the old is sweet.

The Show



Not only the food that our guests had enjoyed, but we presented how we cooperate with Nang Lerng community. Dang, the leader of Nang lerng, told us the story of her community. The fresh market is still filled of hard-to-find and unique recipes for over a century, The Dance House (old ballroom dancing school), Baan Nang Lerng (common space for activities and performing art events) and the hidden residences of performing troupes at Lakhon Alley.


Aunt Kanya and her team performed Nakhon Chatri to us, Lakhon Chatri is the Thai theatrical performance that is accessible  to common folks depicting traditional folklore unlike royal plays and masked performance. It was developed to be a combination of the art of singing and dancing.