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People of Hom : Xiao Xi

Xiao Xi

Xiao Xi is visiting Hom from China. She’s visiting Thailand because her father lives here. She decided to stay at Hom Hostel & Cooking Club after some research. Noticing that the hostel’s received amazing reviews and tons of recommendations. We asked her what she liked about Hom, she said “the bed, the bed is super comfortable you have to try!”


Xiao also enjoyed attending the free cooking demo and watching Chef Piya prepare a traditional Thai dish. Monday – Saturday check to see what’son the menu on the chalkboard by the door. That’s what’s on the menu to watch Chef cook that night. These demonstrations always end in a tasting and sometimes ends with making new friends.

Xiao Xi

That evening she tried Kale and Seafood Salad, in which the sauce is really tasty. She told us she had been in Thailand for two months and had already eaten a lot of Thai food. However, the dish that our experienced chef made in the cooking demo has been one of the best dishes she’d tried so far. Saying “Khob Khun Kaa” to chef which means “Thank You” in Thai.  Xiao Xi was a lovely guest!




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