Cooking class Bangkok

People of Hom : Sara


She visited Thailand because she live in Laos. Every couple of weeks, she came to Thailand to visit her friends, to hang out, try some new food. She likes to find new cool place to stay and she really likes Hom hostel because it is really quiet. There is cooking demo every day that she can taste new Thai food. There is always something to snack on. Everyone is cooking something and they all smell delicious. Super comfy, seems perfect and she have recommended my friend to stay at this hostel as well.


The chef made green curry that day. It seemed really easy to cook so she make sure that she get all the right ingredients. She got back into her room and brought out her little book and pen to jot down all the ingredients for the green curry recipe. Most of the ingredients she saw they are the ingredients that she could get back in Laos so she was really excited to try some new recipe.


She teach English in Laos, and also she has been teaching in a lot of countries. She was about to meet with her friend from South Africa to stay at the hostel and she would take her around Bangkok like a local.


Still her favorite country has always been Thailand.

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