Cooking class Bangkok

People of Hom : Matthius


Matthius is visiting Hom Hostel & Cooking Club from Copenhagen, Denmark. Although it’s currently snowing in Denmark and too cold for his liking. He said Thailand was too hot, and he couldn’t choose between the two.


Matthius is a freshman at University where he’s majoring in software development. He also started a business, an App that combines well-being and psychology. When asked, he shared that his “Passion is to help people have the best quality of life. Something we all deserve. That’s why I created my App.”


Matthius joined the daily cooking demo where the chef made chili paste dip or Namprik Long Rua. The chef explained that this specific kind of chili paste dip originated from leftover food in ancient times.


Thai people usually dip various kinds of vegetable in the Namprik Long Rua. That day the chef prepared Thai eggplants, carrots, and cucumbers to dip with. He also put the salted egg yolk and a little bit of chili to garnish on top. Matthius tried the chili paste dip with every vegetable. He’d never seen Thai eggplant before but said he really enjoyed it with the chili dip. He was also excited to try pork belly that was in the dip. He bought a bottle of beer to drink with the dip. Just like Thai natives do!

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