Cooking class Bangkok

People of Hom : Maria


Here’s Maria. She’s all the way from Manila, Philippines and right now in Thailand for teaching English. She have recently taught English for kindergarten students in Rayong, the east coast of the gulf of Thailand. We asked her whether it is difficult or not to teach children and be with them all day long. She said compared to teaching primary, high school, or adults, she would prefer to teach kids because they are imaginative and naive. Even though they are sometimes stubborn, but she still loves to teach and be with them. Well, she just loves children after all.





On that day, the chef presented a huge full set of papaya salad (Somtam) in Hom’s kitchen. Maria was so excited because she was talking about eating Somtam with black crab (pu) and fermented fish (para) in Rayong because everyone normally eats it there, but not here in the center of Thailand, Bangkok. She was astonished by the full set of the food itself. She have not known originally we Thai people prepare papaya salad this way. After the chef has finished the food, she tasted the authentic chef’s papaya salad and her face was full of joy.


She told us Somtam will be her all-time favorite dish.


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