Cooking class Bangkok

People of Hom : Kevin


Kevin is visiting Hom Hostel & Cooking Club from China. This avid travel has been traveling a lot and Thailand is on his travel list. After visiting Chiangmai and taking a Thai cooking class there he decided to head down to Bangkok. Besides Thai food, he also enjoys cooking Korean food and definitely Chinese food.

He chose to stay at Hom Hostel & Cooking Club because it’s near the BTS Skytrain. Which means he can easily visit Bangkok’s amazing destinations and tourist attractions.


He attended our daily cooking demo where the renowned chef cooked Pad Thai. The chef meticulously chopped each ingredient: tofu, shallot, dry shrimp, pickled radish, scallion, bean sprout, and the most importantly, prawn. Kevin and his new friends looked at the cooking demonstration with curiosity. Asking about each ingredient.

As chef finished cooking and garnished the plate with banana leaf and a little bit of fried egg. Kevin told us a little bit of his life.  He shared his loves for language as we all shared Pad Thai. As as a traveler, he knows language is the way to connect with native people. He can speak four languages fluently; Chinese, English, Korean, and French. He had been an exchange student in France so his pronunciation was perfect.



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