Cooking class Bangkok

People of Hom : Helen


Helen is from the UK. She is 62 years old and have two kids, yet she loves to travel alone because it is easier to be by herself, to do everything on her own. She said being individual and independent makes her life much more enjoyable than always having to depend on someone else. That’s why she still looks young and happy. It’s just because of her amazing attitude about life. She had been to more than 40 countries and many more to come. She had never gotten bored of travelling because travel has taught her the entire life. In other words, she had learned life by travelling.

She had lived in Hong Kong for 14 years. But did not speak any Mandarin as she did not have any interest in learning languages. But she had been to Thailand fo eight times already. She said she loved Bangkok. She loved Thai food, culture, people, everything about Thailand just captivated her to come back again. This time she came to stay at Hom for only two nights and was leaving to Patong the day after but she said she already loved the comfort and coziness of the living room in which she could enjoy watching movies alone and the Hom’s kitchen as well. She would also love to try authentic Thai food so she join cooking demo that day.

She had PadThai that day for the cooking demo. The chef was so meticulous in making it. She said she had ever tried a lot of PadThai because she had been to Thailand for several times. From street food PadThai to restaurant PadThai, she said this PadThai she had was one of the best!

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