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People of Hom : Doria


Doria is visiting Hom Hostel & Cooking Club from Australia. Although she’s originally from Singapore. As an event planner, she knows that the key to any great party is the food. Through her work and travel, she’s learned a lot about Tibetan food, Vegan food, Vietnamese food, and even Thai food. 

This isn’t Doria’s first trip to Thailand. She told us she visited once when she was young with her father used to work here. She could speak ” I used to be able to speak a little bit of Thai, but I’ve forgotten most of it!” 

She chose Hom Hostel & Cooking Club because not only does the hostel have spectacular reviews, she loves that the hostel is a cooking club as well. She also mention about cooking demo that she was interested in it. She told me she was excited to see the cooking show.


Doria knows a lot about Thai traditional food, she could even pronounce things correctly! She told us there are plenty of authentic Thai restaurants in Australia. So she recognized several traditional dishes when she came here. That morning She went to MBK and ordered Som Tam (Papaya Salad) with Poo (black crab) or Som Tam Poo. We were impressed that she ordered this with crab because only a handful of Thai people specifically in the northeastern area eat this particular crab with papaya salad. She also mentioned a few traditional Thai desserts;  Tako (water chestnut and Thai custard topping), Tubtim Krob (Thai red ruby dessert), and Sangkaya (Thai pandan custard). We were happy to have Doria, she eats like a native after all.







Since she knows a lot about food and is always interested in learning more, we’ll call her a foodie. She was the first person to sign up for the cooking demo that evening. When the chef arrived, she instantly had her a paper on her hand with a pen. She was eager to learn and excited to watch the cooking demo. The demo of the day was Steamed Seafood with Curry Paste. Doria recognized the dish and called it by its Thai name, Hor Mok.



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