Cooking class Bangkok

People of Hom : Caroline


Caroline is visiting Hom Hostel and Cooking Club from Ireland. She’s Irish, but she doesn’t speak Irish. She told us “Only 10% of the Irish people speak Irish, the other 90% speak English.” 

Caroline had visited HOM a few weeks before. She was traveling around South East Asia and wanted to come back HOM especially for the cooking demo. Although she doesn’t cook, she’s a foodie at heart. She loves to try new food and enjoys watching people cook. The goal of Hom Hostel and Cooking Club is to encourage guests to cook, connect with and people.


That day the chef cooked Pad Thai. It was an original Pad Thai with all of the necessary ingredients. She went to the chef station and grabbed the knife while the chef wasn’t there and pretended to be the chef and let me take the picture. She is such a funny lady!

She looked at each ingredient with curiosity and asked whether it was an original recipe. She also asked about tamarind that is used to make the sauce. We let her taste it to see if she liked it or not. She tasted some and cried out it was sour. But it was totally alright if we put it in the sauce with other ingredients we told her.


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