Cooking class Bangkok

People of Hom : Andy


Here is Andy. He comes from Germany and what’s very interesting is ‘He’s a chef’! He’s the one and only who watched the cooking demo that day. So we had a lot of time to have a great conversation together.

He mentioned about Hom hostel that he couldn’t believe that there was a hostel inside a mall. And it is really near the public transportation that he can travel around. He was really glad to find Hom and said he would definitely come back after his long trip.

First of all, he walked around the garden curiously with his GoPro camera on hand. He looked excited to see all the herbs and vegetables in the garden. We looked at them closely one by one and discussed about those lovely vegetables, what dishes to cook with them and so on.


On that day, the chef made Plaa Goong or shrimp salad with lemongrass. Andy watched the chef cooking closely and asked about each ingredient. He liked lemongrass and shallots. He also knew that small chilis are more spicy than big ones. Of course because he is a chef.

When the chef finished the dish, it was time to dig in. We used the forks and shared it together for the first bite. He said it was delicious and spicy in the mouth. Though he loved it so much. He said it was a kind of salad he had never tried before. It had the Thai taste in it. Sweet, sour, spicy, and everything altogether to be this yum. He loved the smell of lemongrass and also ate some of them.

He said he had Thai salad the other day. He showed me the picture of the salad he mentioned. It is called Miang Kham or Thai herbal snack. I googled it and told him Miang Kham is a traditional snack from Thailand and Laos. The word Miang Kham translates to “one bite wrap”, from Miang (food wrapped in leaves) and Kham (a bite). There are a lot of ingredients in Miang Kham which are shallots, fresh red or green chili peppers, ginger, garlic, lime (including the peel), roasted coconut, chopped unsalted peanut and small dried shrimps. He said it was really delicious.


Having talked for a while, he went into the room and came out with his cookbook. The cookbook was the book he wrote by himself and his two friends who are chefs. The cookbook was in German, his language. It looked amazing in both the design and the look. There are a lot of recipes in the book. They are all vegetarian recipes. Since Andy wanted to encourage people to be more healthy, he created this vegetarian cookbook.


While he was showing the cookbook to me, the chef joined in. The chef looked really interested in his cookbook. So he explained about each recipe thoroughly. There were a few of his signature dishes, including smoothie chia bowl, couch potatoes, and vegetarian red salad. They looked all marvelous in the pictures. He explained each dish’s ingredients to the chef and me, which are really interesting.


He also told the story when he was young and played in the kitchen. He always helped his grandmother prepare the ingredients, cutting the vegetable, tasting the soup, and grabbing some food to taste on his own. He told the story with a giant smile. This childhood story had inspired him to be the chef. He loves everything about food. He love to taste, to smell the food. And as a chef, he loves to create a palatable dish for his friends, family, and customers, basically everyone.

He really appreciated the dish the chef cooked for him and said thank you and Aroi Mak (very delicious in Thai) to the chef. The chef smiled with joy.

Obviously Andy is the perfect match with Hom cooking hostel.


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