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Nang Lerng Tour

Nang Lerng

it is located in the Banglamphu area on Nakhon Sawan road. Their market is one of the first wet market in Bangkok. The market is still filled of hard-to-find and unique recipes for over a century. Not only the market but also the temple (Wat Kae or วัดแค), the old theater and houses of artists.An absolutely authentic Thai experience, and an opportunity to get close to the daily lives of Bangkok’s residents.

Our Trip

Dang, the leader of the community, walked us through the pathway lines by housed with wooden panels. One of the worst visiting spots here is Aunt Hong Thai Dessert shop. She spends all her life time in making Thai desserts like egg custard pudding, Steamed custard or sweet sticky rice with coconut cream and black beans since WWII.


The food

We had tried many food along the way. Everyone seems to know each other, Dang asked everyone to cooked for us to taste. The cooked food centre in the middle of the market; with more than 20 stalls easily; selling a myriad of favourite street foods likened by the locals.