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Hom’s Table : Give and Take dinner

Chef’s table or Hom’s Table?

while other places called Chef’s table, we prefer to call Hom’s table. As we are not professional chef but we love to cook and we cook great food. Our chef are Dang, leader of Nang lerng community, who was born in the place where food is one of the best in Bangkok and Tobb, our Hom partner, whose mom was cooking in the palace before so she knows how to make traditional Thai food. Our 80 percents of revenue for Hom’s table goes to Nang lerng to help their community.




Our Hom’s table normally set at dinner time, but if guests come earlier they can learn how to cook with our chef as well. Hom’s table we provide guests with 4 Thai menus and 1 Thai dessert. Guests can be connected with others by tastes.