Cooking together at Hom Kitchen | Hom hostel & cooking club

Cooking together at Hom Kitchen

Connecting by cooking

It has been a month after our opening that we have guests coming from many places. How our guests connected to each other is by cooking together in our Hom kitchen. As we have large space for our guests to be able to share their recipes with others and it is also good to be able to eat and relax at your place after a whole day travelling in Bangkok.

Sharing your recipes

Our lovely Chinese guests cooked their recipes from their hometown. Our Taiwanese guest kept asking where their hometown is and what is famous there in the north of China and our Colombia friend short note all the recipe in his notebook. One of their dish is Coca-Cola Pork, which boiled the pork in Coca-Cola made the pork sweet and taste good. Everyone was wondered with their recipe while they were cooking but after they share the food to all guests, we all impressed with it.