Bangkok City Farm Event ชมรมสวนผักคนเมือง | Hom hostel & cooking club

Bangkok City Farm Event ชมรมสวนผักคนเมือง

Hom’s Rooftop Garden

Group of Bangkok city farm had organised the event at Hom as we have rooftop garden and great location. This event was for teaching people how to grow your own plants with no chemical. So you can make sure that your own farm is real organic and good for your health. Khun Tui had taught us how to grow  sprout and mushroom, Khun Pom taught us how to make vermicompost at home and khun Chookiet taught us how to plant.

Planting together

This event is not only encourage Bangkok people to grow their own plant, but we also understand how important of organics product. The community itself is good for sharing their seeds and techniques for planting. After we learnt about theory we went out to the rooftop and grow plants togetherP